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Provork conducts tourism awareness session for post-graduate students at Garware institute

Provork's Tourism awareness training for Garware institute students

"This is the first time that we understood the importance of local community in tourism development" - a feedback given by a student of the Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, University of Mumbai.

Provork recently conducted a tourism awareness session for the students of Masters in Tourism Management at the institute's Kalina campus in Santacruz. Students were introduced to the concept of sustainable tourism and made aware of the need to adopt sustainable tourism practices as compared to traditional tourism. They were stimulated to think beyond the standard work profile and job opportunities in the travel and tourism sector and encouraged to adopt innovative practices in tourism. The concept of "greenwashing" was an awakener for the students, who were not aware that such practices existed. The session was conducted by Rajesh Nambiar, CEO & Chief Consultant and co-ordinated by Manjiri Gaikwad, Consultant - Tourism Awareness. The program also featured a short message by CB Ramkumar, Country Representative India for GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) Provork runs a tourism awareness programme to create and spread awareness on the effects of tourism as an industry, its relevance for various stakeholders and the recommended approaches for sustainable tourism. For details on how the tourism awareness programme can be beneficial to your organisation or business, please contact

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