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World Tourism Day - A Moment for Tourism Awareness

Provork dedicates this World Tourism Day to the cause of Tourism Awareness. By "Tourism Awareness" we intend that every person involved directly or indirectly in the industry of tourism are or become more conscious of the contribution of Tourism to development. Today, the negative contribution outweighs the positive due to many factors and hence the bottomline is in the red.

We urge all destination hosts, travelers, tourism departments, tour operators, travel agencies, OTAs, airlines and other transport operators, local businesses and everyone else who is associated with this industry which contributes to 10.4% of World GDP,

Please -

Opt to BE a RESPONSIBLE tourist or a travel company or organizer

Try to leave a POSITIVE FOOTPRINT through your tourism activity

Use your RESOURCES and capital WISELY

Remember your participation in Tourism is helping the World achieve some of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

With our each right step, each right action and each right decision, we are getting closer to this global goal. We can assist you to get better and gain better.

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