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Provork Tourism Awareness Webinars

Sustainable Tourism - Role of Travel Agents

06 April 2022, Wednesday, at 03.00 PM IST

Travel agents form the largest workforce when it comes to the distribution of travel and tourism products. They use their knowledge, expertise, and selling skills to influence traveler’s decisions and choices. No doubt, they play an important role in the overall sustenance of the travel and tourism industry.


However, of recent, the growth of travel and tourism has led to increase in negative impacts causing degradation of destinations and tourism products, resulting in overall dissatisfaction in traveller's experiences. It is high time that travel agencies must recognise the importance of sustainable tourism practices and take steps to implement them.


​Join our webinar to gain insights on how you can make a difference as a travel agent and what are the benefits for you in implementing, and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Who can attend ?

Recommended for travel agency owners, travel consultants, travel professionals, tour operators, etc.

We will learn:

  • What is Sustainable tourism and why it matters to the industry?

  • What are the benefits for travel agents?

  • How can a travel agent start practicing sustainable tourism?

About Provork

Provork is a tourism consultancy firm that focuses on sustainability and innovative solutions for travel and tourism businesses. Our vision is to spread awareness on sustainable tourism and guide organisations in travel and tourism to practice the sustainability approach. 

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