Sustainable Tourism - A longlasting approach

06th May 2021, Thursday, at 03.00 PM IST

The negative impacts caused by tourism activities is an increasing area of concern and is threatening the future existence of destinations, tourism enterprises and eventually the very communities it supports. Sustainable tourism can provide us with the direction and path which can assure longer durability of tourism resources, ensure long-term survival of tourism industry and success of tourism businesses. However, this term is not completely understood by many and is loosely used along with "green tourism", " eco-tourism" and other approaches.

Join our webinar for an insight into what "Sustainable tourism" means and why it is more important in today's world to adapt this approach to achieve a long lasting vision of tourism.

Who can attend ?

While this webinar is open to everyone, it will be specifically beneficial to travel and tourism industry practitioners, tourism business owners and operators, tourism boards, NGOs involved in community work, Rural organisations related to tourism, students of travel and tourism management courses.

You will learn -

  • The meaning of the term sustainable tourism

  • What are the key elements for a sustainable tourism approach

  • How sustainable tourism can benefit different stakeholders in the tourism industry

About Provork

Provork is a tourism consultancy firm that focuses on sustainable development and innovative solutions for destinations and tourism businesses. Our vision is to help as many destinations and tourism practitioners as possible to adopt the sustainability approach. 

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