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Destination management company in Kannur, Kerala

July 2018 - June 2019

Our clients who were based in North of Kerala were exploring the possibility of a local venture that will tap the unexplored potential of the region and its surrounding districts. With the commencement of a new international airport in the region, they were confident of the opportunities. They wished to offer quality tour products and programmes that will showcase the authenticity of the region to visitors from domestic and international markets. However, this region was not as popular in comparison to other places in the south of Kerala. Due to their limited background in travel, they wanted expert help to execute their ideas and guide them on the way forward.

Our role:
We conducted a site profile of the region to determine its tourism potential. A comprehensive tourism inventory list was created that included existing tourist spots as well as undiscovered locations and new attractions. Several meetings were carried out with the promoters to understand the business philosophy and determine the vision. Business plan and marketing plan documents were created along with financial projections to estimate break-even duration. The promoters were introduced to core concepts in the tourism business which helped in future with better decision making.

During the setup stage we worked with the management team to deliver:

• Initial products for launch including itineraries.
• Pricing methodology to ensure margin optimisation and competitiveness
• Marketing and distribution plan for B2B and B2C
• Website development
• Coordination with stakeholders & partners including vendors, local community, and district administration
• Formal introductions to trade partners and trade associations
• Assistance with compliances and familiarisation with best practices
• Training of core team in basic operations and communication skills.

Post set-up, we regularly monitored the progress in business while offering guidance as and when required.

Our efforts resulted in the establishment of the first professionally run destination management company for the North Kerala region. Kannur is now popular as a standalone beach getaway destination. It is a preferred gateway for destinations like Coorg and Wayanad which has also contributed in terms of stopover business. Local sightseeing tours of Kannur exclusively operated by this company are now featured on international booking portals. They have welcomed tourists from domestic sectors as well as from International markets such as Middle east, UK, and Singapore. The DMC also services the clients of larger tour operators who have limited knowledge or insight on the sites in North Kerala.

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