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Sustainable Tourism - New opportunities and trends

09th June 2021, Wednesday, at 03.00 PM IST

According to a recent report, 76% Indian travelers will be looking for sustainable choices during their next travel however a majority of people do not know where to find them!

The growing demand as evident from traveler choices opens many unexplored opportunities for students, entrepreneurs and tourism businesses to succeed in their career and industry.

Attend our webinar to find out how you can utilise these opportunities and why pursuing sustainable tourism can be beneficial for your future.

Who can attend ?

While this webinar is open to everyone, it will be specifically beneficial to travel and tourism industry practitioners, tourism business owners and operators, tourism boards, NGOs involved in community work, Rural organisations related to tourism, students of travel and tourism management courses.

We will cover-

  • Case studies on sustainable tourism practices

  • Career opportunities in sustainable tourism

  • Innovations and trends in tourism

About Provork

Provork is a tourism consultancy firm that focuses on sustainable development and innovative solutions for destinations and tourism businesses. Our vision is to help as many destinations and tourism practitioners as possible to adopt the sustainability approach. 

Provork Tourism Awareness Webinars

This webinar has now ended.


If you would like to be informed about our future webinars on tourism related topics, please visit our contact page to share your contact details

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