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Strategic mentorship towards tourism recovery for a Kenya based tour operator

Assisting a local tour operator in Kenya promoting community based tourism to bring more business to the region. We are helping them to increase their reach and training them in different marketing strategies to use to get more customers for their tours.

The past 2 years has been extremely devastating for tourism industry, especially small and community based tour operators who do not have the specific resources and scale to manage the recovery phase. Due to the pandemic there has been lot of disconnect in their marketing and product development. Most of them are trying to figure out how to plan their recovery and what areas to focus to get their business back. However, it's not easy to navigate without have expertise in strategy planning and business development in the tourism industry.

We are engaged in mentoring a tour operator based out of Kenya working in the community based tourism sector who are seeking to build a sustainable business model. We are helping them in identifying a vision for the future and creating and implementing strategies to achieve their critical goals. The focus areas for them in 2022 are providing marketing strategy, assisting with distribution channels and helping to reach out to more international markets.

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