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Conceptualising a Weekend Villa Retreat in North Wayanad


Our client owned tea plantations in Periya in North Wayanad and had built a villa on one of the hills within the tea plantation. Since the property remained unutilised most of the time, he wanted to explore the idea of renting it out to visitors as a holiday retreat. Further he wanted the guests to have a relaxing yet memorable time at the place. He wanted to know how to go conceive the whole project and understand what kind of preparation he would need to do before he can welcome visitors to the property.

Our role:

North Wayanad is a beautiful yet unexplored region of Wayanad district in Kerala.
Comprehensive data on the region was obtained through site visits and various other resources. A tourism site profile for the villa and the surrounding vicinity was developed. Next, a product profile was developed after various discussions and deliberations with the client.

We provided the client with the requisite knowledge including strategy for operations, pricing and marketing the suggested product concept. Our proposal emphasised on the importance of collaboration with the local community which stood to benefit from the operation of such a business. We pointed out the opportunities to showcase the local tribal cuisine, skills, handicrafts, and art forms which can result into revenue generation for the locals.

In addition, we shared insights on how product distribution works in the travel industry and how to scale up the product as per market demand in future.

The clients gained an overall knowledge on how to proceed with the project and to manage it sustainably. Their got clarity on their apprehensions on the operations of the villa. They engaged with the local community to Using our deep insights on tourism product marketing, they became confident of marketing their villa rental business.

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