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Community based tourism development plan in Palghar

July 2021 - 2022

One of our ongoing projects where we are building a sustainable tourism model in a lesser developed region of Maharashtra. We have developed a comprehensive tourism plan for the region focusing on community based tourism. We are currently in phase 1 of implementing the pilot tourism projects covering agricultural tourism and cultural tourism.

Jawhar taluk in the recently formed Palghar district is a tribal populated region. The locals were looking for better means of livelihood and improved standard of living. The region is abundant with natural beauty due to the presence of hills, forests and waterfalls. The serene and virgin nature of the region promises potential for sustainable development of tourism.

Currently we are developing a sustainable tourism plan for the region. The process involves understanding the needs and issues of the local community and finding out how tourism can be a tool to help in solving these issues. While we build a detailed destination profile, we identify and interact with the various stakeholders in the region to assess their perceptions and expectations from tourism.

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