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Advisory for Tourism Infrastructure Development project in Uttarakhand

Oct 2023 - current

Providing advisory for Tourism related infrastructure upgradation, analysis and inputs for sustainable management of pilgrimage destination. Project is lead by a Project management company with expertise in areas such as planning, designing, geospatial analysis, surveying and mapping.

The state of Uttarakhand is popular for many pilgrimage destinations. These destinations host a large number of tourists visiting for religious purposes. However the tourist influx is very high in some of the months since the destination is subject to tough weather conditions. Hence tourism infrastructure needs to be reviewed regularly and upgrades need to be made to provide better facilities to the visitors as well as preserve the sanctity and protect the environmentally sensitive regions.

Our team is collaborating with a Project Management Company for providing insights on tourism planning especially in the area of sustainability, visitor management, carrying capacity and destination management. The PMC team has resources of various expertise including infrastructure planning, designing, management, geospatial analysis, surveying and mapping.

Pilgrimage destinations attract increasing number of visitors year over year and the the surrounding regions face the stress of the impact of high tourist traffic during peak periods. While infrastructure upgrade can support the growth to some extent, sustainable destination management policies need to be implemented to protect the destination for years to come.

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