• Manjiri Gaikwad

5 ways to see growth in your travel business

Out of passion, interest and various other reasons, we venture into our travel businesses. Quite often we struggle with retention of clients, competitions, changing market trends and many such reasons. There are new challenges every day and we deal with them with all our heart and passion. But what if we say, there could be some things that would just make your job a little easier? So that you save your energy to conquer new horizons in your business...

  1. No printing: We have heard, read about practicing 'no printing' so much that many of us unknowingly overlook it. But just calculate how much you spend monthly on that pile of paper and what if you save that amount regularly by actually practicing no printing in the organization. Just stop printing all those itineraries, brochures and travel essentials and achieve considerable cost saving.

  2. Low efficient transportation: While we are busy considering benefit from each trip, and choosing the best and reasonable choices for us, we overlook the fact that investing in low fuel efficient would be the cost saving investment. Though we have to invest a bit more at the beginning, it is such an option that will increase you profit for each future trips.

  3. Reduction of disposables: We often rely on disposable cups, plates and cutlery while on tour or in events. Providing bottled mineral water to the customers while on trip is something we consider as essential to deliver the best service. But these disposable are usually the big routine expenditure in tour logistics. Provision to refill the bottles by carrying gallons or stopping at water stations could be an efficient cost saving option.

  4. Go local: We have set some traditional expectations to our guests such as, getting home-like food away from home, standard accommodation in all the destinations, etc. But breaking these traditional methods and adding some authenticity in your products might give you double benefit – cost saving and improved product. Adding local cuisine and accommodation to your tour would reduce your usual budget of carrying whole lot of essentials required to create ‘home-like’ experience in new destinations.

  5. Build local: If you are into building infrastructure for travel businesses, why not be really creative and sustain the character of the place? Building infrastructure in traditional methods, using local resources that the community has been using traditionally would be you’re the biggest cost saving technique for you. All you have to do is, do some research on local culture, methods and create the best comfort out of it.

We have been seeing sustainability is something heavy and would require compromise on the profit. But it is exactly the other way round. It just requires to be a little conscious of your activities and see that profit graph going upwards.

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